If you’re planning a wedding at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Huntington, WV, you’ll love this!

Lauren Craycraft and Jackson Morilla got married at St. Joseph Catholic Church, which is a grand cathedral in Huntington, WV with elaborate décor. It was such a happy February day and even the weather played ball!

The ceremony

The ceremony was a catholic service in their local church. During the ceremony they had several beautiful readings from friends and family. It was so personal and clear to everyone how much Lauren and Jack are loved.

They decorated the area with fresh flowers, which I loved. The reception was in the main hall at St. Joseph Catholic Church – I love this venue because it has so many great opportunities for portraits. Weddings at St. Joseph Catholic Church truly are special due to its unique architecture and inviting atmosphere.

Why St. Joseph Catholic Church is a great place to get married

St. Joseph Catholic Church is perfect for couples seeking that big church wedding, and is one of the nicest places to get married in Huntington, WV. The venue offers onsite parking so guests don’t have to walk – and there so many incredible backdrops that are perfect for photos.

The couple

Lauren wore a classic white dress and Jack wore a dapper tuxedo and they both looked really gorgeous.

The couple got in touch with me last minute due to a scheduling conflict with Jack’s family traveling from the Philippines, and their enquiry really intrigued me. They said they wanted a relaxed photographer, and I loved how excited they were to get married.

Advice for planning your wedding at St. Joseph Catholic Church

You’ll want to reach out to pastor Monsignor Dean G. Borgmeyer (dborgmeyer@dwc.org) or attend mass and introduce yourself to other members of the parish.

If you’re planning a wedding at St. Joseph Catholic Church, get in touch!

Useful Links

St. Joseph Catholic Church – https://stjoeshuntington.org/

Saint Joseph Parish Facebook Fan Page – https://www.facebook.com/stjosephhuntingtonwv

St Joseph Events YouTube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtr2wW4cMq3kooe8GRKKDNA

Saint Joseph Parish Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/saint_joseph_parish/?hl=en

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